Spray Gun & Gallon EZ Safer Surface

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This is the perfect combination to protect your family, home and business!

Wireless charging nano blue light atomizer.

This powerful tool is perfect for using EZ Safer Surface in large areas.

Gallon EZ Safer Surface



All-Purpose Cleaning Solution Supercharged with Active Oxygen Molecules for Fast and Superior Cleaning

EZ Safer Surface™ Cleaner is made with organic ingredients FDA approved for use on surfaces with direct & non-direct food contact. EZ Safer Surface™ Cleaner is a clinically tested supercharged oxygenated formula that permanently traps the active molecules in solution and is more stable than cleaning products infused with ozone and chlorinated compounds. EZ Safer Surface™ Cleaner is a powerful cleaner that doesn’t release toxic gases and can be applied to surfaces as an aerosol in occupied rooms and without the need to use protective equipment. It is effective at neutralizing invisible toxic residues left behind by other chemical products.

EZ Safer Surface™ Cleaner is asthma friendly, fragrance and allergen free, 100% US made with all natural, organic, non-toxic ingredients FDA approved for use on food contact surfaces makes it the ideal cleaning solution for use around sensitive population, pets and on food preparation areas without the need of post rinse. EZ Safer Surface™ Cleaner has no alkalis or soaps and is not a surfactant or detergent product.

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